ECU Alert is a collection of communication tools the university uses to distribute emergency notification and information. It is only used for emergencies and occasional required testing. It allows the University to send emergency notifications by:

  • ECU Alert webpage ( www.ecu.edu/alert)
  • Email
  • Computer pop-up screen
  • ECU Hotlines
  • Outdoor and indoor speakers
  • VoIP phone speaker interface (voice and text)
  • Digital LCD screen messages
  • Twitter (Follow @ECUalert)
  • SMS text messaging

When is ECU Alert used?

ECU Alert will be used whenever there is a need to push critical information to the University population.

For some incidents, like a crime committed off campus, that doesn’t threaten ECU but may require ECU to notify the campus community for awareness purposes, social media and ECU Alert email is used. For other incidents such as ECU canceling classes due to severe weather, email, social media, digital screen messages, and SMS text messaging will be used. For very serious incidents, continuing threats or life threatening situations, notification will be distributed using many or all methods of communication as quickly as possible.

Have you heard of LiveSafe?

ECU utilizes the LiveSafe app for students, faculty and staff which is intended to make reporting safety concerns easier and less intimidating.  To download, visit www.ecu.edu/LiveSafe.

The free app provides seamless two-way communication between users and campus safety to directly and anonymously report concerns through text messaging, video, audio and photos.  The app supplements many safety initiatives already on campus such as blue lights, security cameras and safety patrol.


Important Notices

The ECU Alert webpage, www.ecu.edu/alert, is the primary location for emergency news and situational updates. Should you hear the outdoor speakers or other notification devices activate but do not hear them clearly, ECU Alert webpage is the best source of factual information.

Text messaging is not a dependable source for ECU emergency information. In an emergency, ECU will send out text messages in a timely manner. However, ECU does not have control of when your service provider will deliver the message to your device. Delivery from your provider may be delayed minutes to hours from the time ECU sends the text. Text messages are only used for serious emergencies and not for follow up information unless it is needed for public safety.

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