Adverse Weather & Emergency Event Policy

The Office of State Human Resources has approved a new University Adverse Weather and Emergency Event Policy for the UNC System, effective January 1, 2016. This is now ECU policy and it applies to all employees (EHRA, SHRA, and CSS). ECU Physicians will continue to have the ability to determine an operational schedule based on coordination with University emergency operations officials. The primary revision involves the condition levels outlined in Section VI – Decision Making and Criteria for Declaring Emergency Conditions Levels.

Note: Mandatory employees must report to or remain at work
under all conditions, unless a supervisor deems otherwise.

(Reduced Operations)

The event has significant potential to impact commuting and campus operations. This condition involves voluntary early release / late start.

(Suspended Operations)

This is a more severe event where ECU officials want to limit the number of employees traveling to or remaining on campus due to safety concerns or logistical challenges.


Limited to events that pose the most severe risk that will severely impede the efficient and effective functioning of the University.

For additional information, please review the full policy at
ECU Adverse Weather and Emergency Event Regulation.